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NEW ‘S’ Series Planter N Forcer | Planter Fertilizer Attachment

planter-n-forcerThe ‘S’ Series Planter N Forcer is a precision injection system for your starter liquid fertilizer. You can accurately place your deep band fertilizer directly into the slit made by the single, 14” double beveled blade. The ‘S’ Series is equipped with a down stop so if you hit soft ground it will not plunge, regardless of your pressure settings. The airbag on the ‘S’ Series Planter N Forcer absorbs impact from large rocks or tree roots, lifting only the rear arm of the Planter N Forcer, keeping your seed placement consistent. Hilly or terraced ground is not an obstacle with the castering action of the Planter N Forcer. Get the most out of your starter fertilizer with the ‘S’ Series Planter N Forcer.

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  • Accurately places liquid fertilizer at a depth of 0-5 inches
  • Adjustable side placement from 0-8 inches
  • Excellent in any type of tillage: No-Till, Ridge-Till, or Strip-Till
  • Castering action allows the N FORCER to follow the planter
  • Pneumatic airbags provide quick set, accurate and minutely adjustable down pressure
  • Mounts to John Deere, Kinze, White, Case IH, Monosem, and Great Plains
  • Easily mounted to either right or left hand side of units
  • Unaffected by trash

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Hawkins Manufacturing Fertilizer Attachments

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  • Accurately Places Liquid Fertilizer at a Depth of 0 to 5 inches
  • Excellent for any type of Tillage Systems, no-Till, Ridge-Till or Conventional
  • Adjustable for Depth and Seed Placement
  • Castering Action Allows the “N” FORCER to follow planter
  • Spring Action prevents planter from lifting
  • Mounts to John Deere, Kinze, and White and Case IH
  • Easily Mounted to either right or left hand side of units
  • Unaffected by Trash
Hawkins Manufacturing Fertilizer Attachments
Hawkins Manufacturing Fertilizer AttachmentsWhen the Hawkins PLANTER “N” FORCER is used with a pump capable of 30 lbs or more of pressure your fertilizer can be placed actuarially to the depth set by the single 14 inch double bevel blade. The PLANTER “N” FORCER is equipped with a down stop so if  you hit soft ground it will not plunge no matter how much pressure is set on the adjustable spring relief. Terraced ground creates no problems with the castering action of the PLANTER “N” FORCER. Tests have shown that the precise placement of liquid fertilizer will dramatically increase yield.

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